About me


Alexander Görg is a freelance artist located in Hamm, Germany. After years of creating drawings as a hobby, Alexander started his drawing career as a side job in 2017.

Started with sexy Pin-Ups Alexander focused more and more on erotic and fetish artworks with wide influence of Bondage to work them up into moments of erotic and lust.

After suffering from a permanent nerve damage in his left arm Alex had to change his way of creating drawings from hand to digital in 2019.

His self given nickname AlexOkami has become a synonyme for erotic art on the internet.



His art has been published in different magazines around the world:


Special cooperates, partners & more:

Some of his artworks are specially available in the austria fetish shop: „G’schäft zum Spülln und Vahüln“ based in Vienna since early 2019


Alex has created some cover artworks of Gore Movie DVDs Hardboxes for MaRuMi Highvision AND
You can find the released Cover Artworks HERE


Nominations & Awards

As supporter of the erotic lifestyle Alex is nominated for the 2021 ASN Awards in the categories:

„Best Lifestyle or Adult Industrie Fansite“
„Best Lifestyle or Adult Industrie Supporting Business“

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