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About me

Alexander Görg is a freelance artist located in Hamm, Germany.
After years of creating drawings as a hobby, Alexander started his drawing career as a side job in 2017.
Originally working the tradional way with pencil and paper Alexander switched to digital drawings one year later in 2018. He scans his drawings into a photoshop programm and gives them the final touch.
Starting with sexy Pin-Ups Alexander focused more and more on nude / fetish artworks with wide influence of Bondage.
Hard raising from word-to-mouth-advertising and blogging every drawing on many social networks Alexander tries to make a name with his art.
His art has been published in issue 58 of fetish magazine BEDESEME in 2018 and issue 15 of Darkside Magazine.

Upcoming publishings in 2019 will be in the german magazines SCHLAGZEILEN and the dutch magazine Massad

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